About & FAQ


   Hello there! I'm Ree and I'm an artist living in Miami (I'm new here hi hi) I love creating characters and expressing feelings and ideas through them, I am lucky enough that you are interested in my work and cannot express how grateful I am if you decide to purchase something from me. 


I'm on a journey to become as eco-friendly as possible! so please know this:

- I try to use only the necessary materials, so I won't be using individual plastic sleeves for every item you get! hope you understand. Your items will be protected in a single bag, but protected and separated with a single paper that you can re-use!
- The rigid mailers I use are made with 100% recycled materials and are totally recyclable! Please re-use them or paint on them or recycle them again.
- The poly mailers are recyclable, and easily reusable because of their double seal.
- I use 100% recycled plastic flap and seal bags, please re-use them since they have a resealable adhesive strip.
- I'm trying to become more sustainable as time passes and (hopefully) my business grows, I will be able to implement more eco-friendly elements to the packages I create.


- When will my order ship?

I ship orders every Monday, I do my best to have as much packages ready as possible by that time,
This is a one person business, and I'm doing my best but it really depends on how busy I am.
Of course, maybe I will be able to go an extra day to the post office sometimes, who knows! I don't own a car yet! Thank you for understanding you are the best.

- How long will it take for my order to arrive?

US orders will take around 1 or 2 weeks to arrive. For international orders, please allow a month (or two, depending where you live) for your package to arrive.

- Where is my tracking number?

To keep shipping costs as low as possible, I use first class mail to ship orders. This service does not provide a tracking number, sorry!

- Can I return my order?

I'm sorry! :( I'm a very small business and I can't afford to accept returns at the moment.

- Why is international shipping so expensive?

I know! it is painfully expensive, but unfortunately this is what they charge at the post office :(

SOUTH AMERICA: Please keep in mind that packages to South America usually take longer than usual, this depends on your country's postal service and customs process, and many times there have been cases of packages taking 4 months or even getting lost in the mail. Purchase with caution.
LATINOAMERICA: Por favor, tengan en cuenta que los envios para tu continente toman más tiempo de lo usual, esto depende de tu país y del servicio postal y proceso de aduana.Y muchas veces, he visto que los paquetes toman hasta 4 meses o incluso se pierden. Realiza tu compra con precaución.